About Us

Who We Are, and Where We Came From

Welcome to Yarmouth Wesleyan! We're a growing church community who is passionate about our vision to "take Jesus into every community of South West Nova." Launched 70 years ago, we're blessed with a rich heritage, and we're more excited than ever about our future.

We believe that Jesus Christ is the hope of the world and has come to give us 'the more and better life' - a life with hope and joy and peace. Everything we do is designed to help people encounter this Jesus!

Who are the Wesleyans?

Our name is in honor of John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, whose emphasis on a life of faith, self-discipline, and perfect love is our example.

There are currently about 3,600 Wesleyan churches in over 40 nations worldwide. In the United States and Canada alone, there are over 1,700 local congregations.

Wesleyans believe in one God, who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and the Savior of all men and women who put their faith in Him alone for eternal life.

We believe that those who receive new life in Christ are called to be holy in character and conduct, and can only live this way by being filled with the Lord’s Spirit.

We believe in the Bible and seek to establish our faith and actions on its teachings.

We believe God wills for people everywhere to know Him and that the purpose of the church is to tell the world about Christ through its worship, witness and loving deeds.

To learn more about The Wesleyan Church, head to Wesleyan.org.


Anchor Points

The Core Values of Yarmouth Wesleyan.

Scripture Rooted

We will stand on and be shaped by the Word.

Prayer Soaked

We will live and lead as people in conversation with God.


We will be strengthened and sustained by the Spirit's power.

Multiplication Obsessed

We will develop and send ordinary people to actively expand the Kingdom of Heaven by living on mission.

Gospel Motivated

We will be moved and motivated by the love of Jesus for all people.

Kingdom Focused

We will serve and sacrifice in the move of God across South West Nova.